5 Ways To Get The Lowest Price On Your Next Car Purchase

2. Skip The Sales Person And Talk To The Manager

The sales person in a car dealership is usually a middle man going back and forth between the customer and the dealer floor manager.  When you can, ask to speak to the manager directly.  Tell him/her something like “I’m here to buy or lease a car today, let’s deal directly with the manager”. Take our your checkbook, or credit card and place it on the table.  Remember, the salesperson is working for you, to get you to walk out of the building with a new car.  Going straight to the source and talking directly to the manager in charge of the discounts and deals cuts out valuable time wasted and gives you a more powerful contact if you decide you’d like to purchase another car in the future.

1. Do Your Research Before You Go To The Car Dealership

Imagine this.  You did full research on the car you want to buy before you walk into the dealership.  You know every option, every price, every color, the gas mileage, the engine specifications, even the dimension of the interior cabin.  Now imagine you knew more than the car salesperson knew.  Many car salesmen are new, or work on volume, they don’t have time to know every specific aspect of every car they sell.  You gain instant credibility and the upper hand in a negotiation when you “Know what you are talking about”.  Confidence in a negotiation situation is key, now imagine the kind of deal you will get when you feel like you know more than the person selling you the car!  Keep your chin up, ask for a cup of complimentary coffee, get comfortable, put your feet up on the desk if you can, and watch as you get the car of your dreams for the lowest price.

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