(VIDEO) Here’s What Happens When You Race A BMW M2, M4, M5 And M6

It’s a battle of the M cars in this latest Car Wow drag race, with Munich’s finest straight-six and V8-powered monsters going toe-to-toe

We love a good inter-marque drag race, especially when the result isn’t quite what you’d expect. That’s especially the case with the standing-start run in the first of this duo of BMW M races from Car Wow – give it a watch and you’ll see what we mean.

However, we can’t help but wonder what it’d be like if this same race was re-run next year, with the F10 M5 30 Jahre replaced with the new all-wheel drive M5. In that case, it’d surely pulverise the lot of them on the standing-start race, and by a significant margin…


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